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Vienna Screening | Q&A with Luka Beradze

Smiling Georgia
ღიმილიანი საქართველო

3. November 2023 // 19:30

Directing: Luka Beradze

EN /DE, 2023, 62 MIN

Entrance: Freie Spende

Wohlmut: Wohlmutstraße 4, A-1020 Vienna

Facebook event page:

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated premiere of the Georgian movie "Smiling Georgia."

What makes this premiere even more special is the presence of the talented director behind this film. Luka Beradze, the creative genius responsible for bringing "Smiling Georgia" to life, will be joining us for this special event.
But that's not all! We have an exciting opportunity for all of you. After the screening, we invite you to participate in a Q&A session with Luka Beradze.

What are the costs of the half-truths that politicians tell? In 2012, the Georgian president wanted to make the nation smile. In the race for reelection, the incumbent's party was promising subsidized dental care to the country’s least well off. Across the land, state medical practitioners began removing rotten teeth with the promise of replacements in the months that followed — then the president lost.

Through interviews with those worst affected by that campaign, Smiling Georgia tells a story about the whims of political power and the defiance of those who usually hold the least of it — a film short on teeth, yes, but far from toothless.